What is AMA in Cryptocurrency

What is AMA in Crypto?

Have you ever wonders “What is AMA in Crypto?” In the cryptocurrency industry, thousands of new members join every day and have multiple questions rolling around in their heads. Why? In the crypto and blockchain world, there are a multitude of acronyms that are you have never encountered. So make sure to also check out our post on Cryptocurrency Terms.

AMA, Ask Me Anything in full form, is common not only in the crypto world but other industries as well. I have seen many in the Information Security world too. The new techno jargon, speed of development, and the online nature of the industry creates confusion and as such, lots of questions. No worry, we have created today’s article to answering your questions.

Two Types of Crypto AMA

So as we said, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything? AMA typically happen in two different forms.

  1. Online Question and Answer (pre-planned)
  2. Live or in a webinar AMA

Online Question and Answer

Online question and answer is as it name says. It happens on some defined online channel such as a Telegram channel, a WhatsApp group chat, a Facebook Group, a Reddit or Subreddit, a Twitter stream, a LinkedIn Groups or even a Discord channel. Basically any form of online communication where the team has officially created a discussion area.

In the discussion area, you can ask questions and other members will chime in and give you an answer. As well, the moderator, can also select your questions and have a broader discussion on it. Over time, you will be able to jump and answer the questions of others.

This online method is common when a team is extremely busy, or they are geographically dispersed and this allows them to answer in their free time.

In some cases they may pre-plan their AMA by stating a specific date or time where members can actively participate and interact with the product team and selected developers.

The best part about the Online Question and Answer AMA, is that it is on all the time and ongoing.

Here is a list of the more common Crypto AMA channels

Live AMA

Live AMA is where the crypto team members answer questions directly in a webinar type of forum. Once the webinar starts, the panel is introduced and a moderator or administrator starts with the pre selected questions and then one or more of the panelist replies with an answer. After awhile, the floor or chat room is opened and people are able to ask new questions and one or more of the panelists will answer.

Live AMA’s are typically announced on the crypto’s website or other groups. Many will often do a monthly AMA session at a fixed time on the first of each month.

What is the benefit of cryptocurrency AMA?

AMA in the crypto world is beneficial for both the investors and management/developers. It promotes a relationship between the two parties and helps the dissemination of information.

Another benefit is that investors receive direct and accurate information directly from the company. This helps cut down on misinformation, removes intermediaries or third parties, and can speed up changes/enhancements.

How to find out about upcoming Crypto AMA’s?

The fastest answer is to do a simple Google search for AMA + the cryptocurrency name you have questions about. Additionally, your Bitcoin Exchange will probably have a Help section that also lists our upcoming AMAs.

Other common areas to search are on Reddit in the Crypto subreddit. You can also search on hastags such as #AMA on Facebook and Twitter and fins many upcoming AMAs.

Finally, CoinMarketCap has recently setup a page where they list out various upcoming events in their Crypto Events Calendar. Just click on the the AMA button and it will filter down to just AMA events that are available in the coming weeks.

Conclusion on What is AMA in Crypto?

Cryptocurrency AMA is a readily available and helpful manner that benefits both parties. Knowledge is power and AMA’s help you get that power back so that you are fully informed.

Remember is there is no such thing as a dumb question. So get out there and ask. I guarantee that someone else has the same question as you but is afraid to ask.


I am a data scientist at a technology startup in Texas with interest in finance and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, I studied Finance and Economics as my undergraduate degree and focused on International Trade and Finance for my PhD. For about 8 years I worked as a VP for a regional bank doing international trade and finance before getting into fintech startups.